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We are known for our delicious gourmet cupcakes. Now, we've taken what we know about cupcakes and applied it to cookies. The result? The QCC cookie sandwich! We take two fresh baked gourmet cookies and fill them with our delicious frosting. These are a must try! We also offer cookie trays and coming soon...Cookie Cakes!


  • Single cookie (no frosting) $1.90

  • Single cookie sandwich (2 cookies & frosting) $4.50

  • One Dozen Cookie Sandwiches (10% off) $48.60

  • Cookie tray - 24 single cookies (one flavor) (10% off) $41


Cookie sandwiches are normally only on our weekly menu on Wednesdays & Thursdays.  Flavors rotate weekly (Bakers' Choice). Check out our daily menu here OR pre-order order one dozen+ cookie sandwiches for pick up.  You must order by the Saturday before you want to pick them up. 

APPLE CIDER: Two apple cider cookies filled with an apple cider buttercream and apple pie filling. (seasonal fall)

CAKE BATTER: Two cake batter flavored cookies loaded with sprinkles and white chocolate chips. Filled with cake batter frosting.

CHOCOLATE CHIP:  Two chocolate chip cookies filled with vanilla bean butter cream frosting.

GINGERBREAD:  Two Gingerbread cookies willed with spiced butter cream frosting. (seasonal fall/holiday).

KEY LIME:  Two key lime pie cookies filled with key lime butter cream frosting (seasonal spring/summer).

M&M: Two M&M cookie sandwiches filled with a milk chocolate butter cream frosting.

OATMEAL:  Two Oatmeal cinnamon cookies filled with cinnamon butter cream frosting.

PEANUT BUTTER:  Two peanut butter cookies filled with peanut butter cream frosting.

PEPPERMINT CRINKLE:  Two chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies filled with milk chocolate butter cream frosting (seasonal Christmas Holiday).

PUMPKIN SPICE:  Two Pumpkin Spice cookies filled with pumpkin spiced buttercream frosting (seasonal fall).

RED VELVET: Two red velvet cookies filled with a cheesecake pudding buttercream frosting.

SNICKERDOODLE:  Two snickerdoodle cookies filled with cinnamon butter cream frosting.

SUGAR COOKIE:  Two Sugar cookies filled with vanilla butter cream frosting and rolled in rainbow jimmies.

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