We make cupcakes for all occasions...birthdays, baby and bridal showers, weddings etc...just to name a few ☺
Give us a call at 624-4999 to discuss your event!

Advance Orders off of our menu

Can’t get here early? Give us a call at 624-4999 to reserve your cupcakes. We accept Visa, MC or Discover over the phone and we will hold your cupcakes until 5:30pm during the week and until 3pm on Saturdays (even if we have sold out to the general public and are closed).

Special Orders / Flavor requests

Looking for a special flavor? Give us a call at least a week before your event to request special flavors. Feel free to choose one flavor per dozen cupcakes being ordered.

Special Decorations

We will make every effort to make sure our cupcakes fit into the theme of your event, but it is important to note that taste is the most important factor to us. Let us know what you are looking for and we can brainstorm together. (**We now do offer some small fondant decorations in our shop (with at least 2 weeks advance notice and for an additional charge). **We do not use dark colored dyes in our frosting (as it affects taste) and we also do not do character cupcakes**

Cupcake cakes

We do not offer cupcake cakes.

Stand rental

We currently offer 3 towers for rental (see pictures below) but we continue to expand our selection as we find unique new ways to display cupcakes. These can easily be dressed up to fit any event theme/color. Contact us regarding details.

5-7 tier square tower

3 tier flower tower

Bronze Tree

Sizes & Prices

We have 2 sizes of cupcakes available:

Large (the size we sell in our store):
Single cupcake………………3.50 each + tax
½ dozen……………………..19.95 (this is 5% off and tax free)
1 dozen……………….……..37.80 (this is 10% off and tax free)
**no minimum order for this size cupcake**

Standard (smaller and typically the size you would see in a home kitchen or grocery store)
1 dozen……………………..29.00 (tax free)
**3 Dozen minimum order for this size cupcake**

**We do not offer miniature cupcakes for sale. Although they are absolutely adorable, due to the time, tweezers and microscopes necessary to make them (ha ha), we reserve these little guys for charity and tasting events**

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